A reassured West Mercia

  • I will support and challenge West Mercia Police to increase the public’s confidence and satisfaction in its actions
  • I will support West Mercia Police to be ever more visible in our communities in line with public expectation
    • Ensure all communities have identifiable local officers with published contact details
    • Use of mobile police stations to ensure officers can be at the heart of the communities they police more often
  • I will invest in crime prevention measures such as “Smartwater” – working in partnership with communities to reduce crimes such as burglary
  • I will continue to invest in community led CCTV – ensuring they have the right equipment to help them feel safe and reduce crime
  • I will ensure the concerns of the community are understood and work to resolve them.  I will work in partnership to address issues such as speeding and anti-social behaviour.


My Plan to ensure the community is at the heart of policing in West Mercia

“Policing by consent” is at the heart of the British model of policing.  Maintaining that consent by ensuring there is effective community policing has been at the heart of my work as Commissioner over the past five years.
Ahead of the Police and Crime Commissioner elections on Thursday 6th May, I have set out a series of pledges to maintain that public consent:

  • Named Policing teams for every community in West Mercia, with their names and direct contact details published online
  • Holding West Mercia Police to account for effectively delivering “The Local Police Community Charter” ( www.westmercia.police.uk/SysSiteAssets/media/downloads/west-mercia/publ… ) including ensuring local residents’ priorities are understood and acted upon
  • Ensure West Mercia Police Stations are accessible to the public, including providing “digital front counters” and simple measures such as door bells
  • Expand the number and use of West Mercia Police Mobile Police Stations ensuring policing teams are accessible at the heart of our community
  • Publish Crime Data and Police Performance that is relevant to communities

I’ve striven as Commissioner to ensure that the community is at the heart of policing in West Mercia.  I have made sure West Mercia Police have the resources they need to keep us safe, but my priority is to also make sure we feel the full benefit of that investment with crime falling further and communities feeling safer.
Maintaining the consent of West Mercia communities for policing means that the force has to ever greater focus on the priorities of the community it serves.  As Commissioner I will ensure West Mercia Police are visible and accessible to our community, both out in our community and in police buildings.  I will ensure that they are engaged with our communities to understand their concerns and acting upon them.