A reassured West Mercia

I will work hard to ensure people feel safer in their local communities.  For too long antisocial behaviour has blighted our town centres and urban streets as well as rural villages blighted by speeding. 

Community.  I will engage with all communities within West Mercia to ensure their views and priorities are at the heart of the policies of West Mercia Police.  As Commissioner, I will be accessible and available to the communities of West Mercia.

Neighbourhood.  I will work with the Chief Constable and our partners to give visible reassurance in our communities, including protecting neighbourhood policing.

Fair.  I will ensure Rural Issues are taken seriously, such as speeding in rural villages that affect quality of life

Law-abiding.  I will work with our partners to take back our streets for the law-abiding citizens.  I will provide resources and work with partners to tackle the causes of antisocial behaviour in our town centres and urban streets.

Volunteers.  I will work with the Chief Constable to increase the numbers of Special Constables through rethinking the way they are recruited and supported in their service. 

Victims.  I pledge to redouble efforts to effectively support the victims of crime, keeping them safe and supported through the criminal justice system.