A reformed West Mercia


I will continue to support the reform of the back office functions enabling more money to be diverted to protect front line policing.  I will continue to be open and transparent in how decisions are made and how tax payer’s money is spent.

  • I will ensure West Mercia Police balance’s its books and effectively manages its finances.  I will ensure your money is spent as efficiently as possible before ever asking you to pay any more
  • I will ensure an ever greater percentage of the budget is spent on policing and fighting crime
  • I will support West Mercia Police with the tools and equipment they need to fight crime and keep us safe.  This includes the right technology and buildings to support them to be at the heart of our community as well as effectively fighting crime
  • I will support West Mercia Police to reduce its carbon foot print through investing in more energy efficient buildings and vehicles powered from renewable sources
  • I will professionally and effectively hold the Chief Constable of West Mercia Police to account for the effectiveness and efficiency of the service
  • I support the reform of the emergency services including the way fire services are governed in West Mercia.  I believe they should work ever closer together to deliver increases in efficiency and effectiveness, as well as greater collaboration with West Mercia Police.  I believe this is only likely to be achieved with maximum effect by the creation of a Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner in West Mercia.