A reformed West Mercia


I will support the reform of the back office functions enabling more money to be diverted to protect front line policing.  I will be open and transparent in how decisions are made and how tax payer’s money is spent. 


Transparent.  I will be transparent in how decisions and appointments are made.  I will ensure all Police & Crime Commissioner appointments are publically advertised and awarded on merit.

Rationalise.  I will reduce the cost of the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner, including centralising its administrative function at Police HQ Worcester.

Frugal.  I will reduce the cost and re-focus the roles of the Deputy Commissioner, Ambassador Co-ordinator and Community Ambassadors.  The re-focus will centre on engagement with community groups and local government, ensuring the views of the community are at the heart of the Police and Crime Commissioner’s decisions and priorities.

Tax.  I will keep Council Tax increases to a minimum.

Transformation.  I will work with the Chief Constable to drive through a transformation programme throughout the police service, centred on reducing back office bureaucracy and cost, ensuring ever more resources can be focused on front line policing.

Collaborate.  I will build on the current collaboration with Warwickshire to work with other forces, to deliver further operational and financial efficiencies.