A secure West Mercia


I will work hard for a Secure West Mercia; keeping our community safe against threats and responding in an emergency. I will also invest in crime prevention ensuring we tackle the causes of crime. 

  • Focus West Mercia Police and Criminal Justice partners on bringing more offenders to justice
  • Ensuring 999 calls  are answered promptly in an emergency and that police emergency response times continue to fall
  • Tackling organised crime gangs that bring drugs and misery to our communities
  • Continue to develop the joined up approach to tackling serious violence that is too often in our society
  • Domestic abuse is still too prevalent in our community.  I will invest further resources to tackle the behaviour of the offender and support the survivors of it.  I will continue to work with partners and Government to make sure we never give up the drive to eradicate this horrific crime
  • Protecting children and the most vulnerable in our society.
  • Fraud is not a victimless crime – I will target resources to increase the number of investigators to bring more of the offenders to justice
  • Rural crime – more resources to tackle crime in our rural communities.  I will work hard to ensure every community, wherever they are in West Mercia, feels safe and has a high confidence in West Mercia Police
  • We continue to live in a very safe community we must always remain diligent – I will continue to invest in, and work with, national and regional partners to prevent terrorism and combat extremism