Supporting Victims and Survivors

Supporting Victims & Survivors

In my mission to cut crime in West Mercia, I am clear we have to do ever more to support those that have been victim of crime.  My commitment is clear, that I will ensure ever more resources and focus is given to supporting victims and survivors.

  • Advocacy - Supporting those that might not otherwise be heard, ensuring the voice and experiences of victims and survivors are at the heart of policing in West Mercia.  I have worked hard as PCC since 2016 to ensure victims and survivors are heard, and some progress has been made, but I am resolute that we must do more.  Compassion is one of our greatest strengths, and understanding the experiences and views of victims of crime in how we shape policing and the wider criminal justice system is absolutely in the spirit of that quality.
  • Creating a Victims Hub - Ensuring victims of crime get the support they need, when they need it.  I will build on the progress of the West Mercia Victim Advice Line, investing further to ensure the support to victims is better coordinated.
  • Specialist Training - Investing in Police Officer training focused on supporting victims.  West Mercia Police is made up of dedicated police officers and staff, working hard to tackle crime and support those who have been the victim of crime.  I will support their dedication by providing further specialist training to ensure victims and survivors are ever better supported to cope and recover.
  • Keeping Victims Informed - Providing regular and meaningful updates for victims of crime.  I hear directly from victims and survivors that they are often frustrated at the perceived lack of timely information in their case.  I will ensure West Mercia Police are fully compliant with the Victims Code, and that victims kept informed, through improving processes and the systems that support them.